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miércoles, 5 de diciembre de 2007

Only 10 out of 33 parishes in Caracas voted Yes -

Looks like the rats started to jump ship.....

Only 10 out of 33 parishes in Caracas voted Yes

On December 3, 2006, Hugo Chávez was reelected as Venezuelan President with the support of 22 out of the 33 parishes comprising the Caracas Metropolitan District, which includes the municipalities of Baruta, El Hatillo, Chacao, Sucre and Libertador.

One year later, only 10 parishes in Caracas endorsed Chávez's proposed changes to the Constitution, including his plan to suppress the Metropolitan District and revive the Caracas Governor's Office.

The sectors "loyal" to the Venezuelan ruler include the most popular parishes of Libertador Municipality. In the parishes of 23 de Enero, Antímano, El Valle, Macarao, San Agustín, Sucre, and Catedral, the intended reform won the vote, with a lead of up to 20 percent.

But not all of the popular areas remained true to Chávez, who less than a week ahead of the referendum warned his followers that voting against his proposed reform meant voting against him.

Such a warning was not heard in the parishes of Altagracia, La Pastora, San José, San Juan, Santa Rosalía, Caricuao, Coche, and La Vega. These traditionally "red, reddish" areas turned their back on the red book.

Overall, in Libertador Municipality, a fortress of Chavezism during 12 consecutive electoral processes, 432,251 people (52.4 percent) voted against the reform, with 392,489 people (47.5 percent) endorsing the modification of 69 articles of the 350-article Venezuelan Constitution.

Petare parish in Sucre Municipality, a traditionally pro-Chávez area, rejected the Venezuelan ruler's reform with 61.4 percent of the votes.

In eastern Caracas, people in the municipalities of Baruta, Chacao and El Hatillo -three traditional opposition areas- rejected the reform with 83 percent, 83 percent and 87 percent of votes, respectively.

El Cafetal ratified its position as Venezuela's most anti-Chávez parish, with 92 percent of voters rebutting the proposed changes.

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